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Dose translation from one method of expression to another
1. Select a reference tree-row structure: Apple
Initial selection Refine selection of key tree-row structure parameters
 height (h):  m
   area-density (a):  square m/cubic m
 width (w):  m
    spacing (s):  m
2. Translate specific values of dose
Dose before translation Dose after translation
  Rate expression   Rate expression
 Units   Units  
 Value   Value
3. Information about the translation matrix
Basis of Rate Expression RL GA LWA PD CV TRV  
 Row-Length (RL)  
 Ground-Area (GA)  
 Leaf-Wall-Area (LWA)  
 Product-Deposit (PD)       
 Canopy-Volume (CV)
 Tree-Row-Volume (TRV)