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System for surveying orchards
  •  Vertical scanning LiDAR , GPS and a laptop PC are mounted on a small tractor  which moves at a constant speed (c 0.5 m/s) through the orchard. The sequential output from the LiDAR and GPS are recorded and processed by the PC using LidarAssistant  software which runs under Microsoft Windows XP or Vista or 7 operating systems. 
  • Typically the LiDAR is set-up to scan vertically from -90 to 90 degrees relative to the horizontal with an angular resolution of 0.5 degrees and a range resolution of 1 cm.  This gives 361 range vector measurements per scan at a rate of 37.5 scans per second.   
  • LidarAssistant produces operator feed-back information in the form of a colour rendered range-map of the tree-row  and this is reduced to a 2-D distribution of interception probability  to represent the tree-row cross-section. The data is further reduced to the classical summary parameters of tree-row structure (i.e. height, width and area-density).
  • LiDAR measurements are a key input to the development of new dose adjustment webpages   and other support systems for efficient dosage of orchard spraying products.
             The system operating in an orchard of low-density pear trees